Virtual Lingua is an online guided self-study platform that combines live online lessons with independent study and a virtual activity programme for Kids and Teens aged 8 to 17 years-old. We offer three Virtual Summer Camps: Guided Self-Study, Standard Summer Camp and the Ultimate Summer Camp. For more information about our summer camps click here.

Online lessons are conducted online using Maltalingua’s secure Virtual learning System that replicates a real classroom.  When the students join their live class, which is available in their student area, they can see the lesson material on the screen; there is also a whiteboard, live video, live chat and listening exercises. The software also allows both teachers and students to write on the board with real time mirroring.

Both teachers and students must ensure they have a good internet connection for each lesson, which must be suitable for video connectivity, and that there is no background noise to disturb the lesson. Virtual Lingua does not recommend using internet cafés, as the connection is not reliable. We recommend the use of earphones/headphones for an optimal online experience.

You can book a summer camp on our website.

Students can pay via Paypal, bank transfer or  debit/credit card. We accecpt VISA and Mastercard

To book a course click here.

The student area is a private area where students can access their placement test, their self-study-course material and study plan. Students can also see all homework assigned to them according to their level and their completed homework with their teacher’s comments. The student area is also where students have to login to join their live classes.

To enter your student area go to

The login details will be sent to you after you book your course.

Students can join their live classes in their student area by clicking on the red JOIN CLASS button.

Self-study students have live lessons on Wednesdays, according to the time they selected when booking.

Standard students have live lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, according to the time they selected when booking.

Ultimate students have lessons every day (Monday-Friday) according to the time they selected when booking.

We have 5 different timetables available (see below) and students can choose their preferred lesson time when booking a course.

Timetable 1: 9.00am-10.00am

Timetable 2: 10.15am-11.15am

Timetable 3: 11.30-12.30

Timetable 4: 2.00pm-3.00pm

Timetable 5: 3.15pm-4.15pm

Once you choose your lesson time, that will be fixed for the whole course. However, we understand that flexibility is important, so if you need to change your lesson time please speak to our academic team on

You can make a note and speak to your teacher in your live lesson, or post your questions in our forum. The forum is monitored by our qualified teachers who will reply to your question as soon as possible.

Group classes will have a maximum of 8 students.

A course tutor is available to all students who book the ultimate package. The tutor is a teacher who is responsible for you and your studies. The teacher will give you feedback about your progress in English and have weekly meetings where you can discuss any questions you might have about your studies. The tutor will guide you on how to improve and discuss your study plan with you.

This is a personalised progress report from your personal course tutor with input from your online teachers outlining your progression during the virtual summer camp and providing tips and advice on how to best continue improving your English moving forward.

You can arrange your private lesson date and time directly with your course tutor.

Absolutely. This is your private lesson, so you can speak to your course tutor and ask them to prepare a lesson specifically designed for you and your needs.  

Yes, to book extra private lessons please contact

Private lessons are 45 minutes long and can be done from Monday-Sunday at any time, subject to teacher availability.

Private lessons are valid for 6 months. VirtualLingua might choose to extend the lessons at its own discretion.

Virtual Lingua’s private lessons are flexible; the student does not have to stick to a single timetable. Students may choose to have as many or as few lessons as they wish at a time, subject to teacher availability. Lessons must be booked in advance in order to avoid disappointment. The lessons are booked directly between teachers and students. The students can choose a fixed timetable or change the lesson times week-by-week.

At Virtual Lingua we understand that people lead busy lives with tight schedules, so we give students the flexibility to postpone or even cancel their lessons. To cancel or to rebook a lesson, students must email the teacher giving a 24-hour notice and the lesson is then rescheduled for whichever day is more convenient for the student/teacher. If notice is not given 24 hours before the lesson is due to take place, then the lesson will be lost.

Yes. Before starting their lessons, students have access to an Online Placement test in their student area. The placement test checks the student’s grammar, listening, reading and writing. Speaking will be assessed by the teachers during the first lesson. After completing the Placement test, a study plan will be generated for the student, focused on what areas they need to improve.

Yes. All students get an online certificate at the end of their course with their level of English and the number of hours they studied at Virtual Lingua.

All Virtual Lingua teachers are fully qualified and trained on online teaching. Quality is important to us, so we constantly work on improving ourselves as a school and as a team.  Lessons are monitored regularly by the Academic Department.

Please join our live chat or send us an email on

The Virtual social programme is a set of online activities that you can do with your classmates.

It is an online presentation in which we will show you how Virtual Lingua works. You will also  meet our team and your classmates for the first time.

The activities include games, parties and educational work. They are divided into 5 main categories: Brain trainer, Interactive challenges, Adventure games, Space and Time Traveller and Trick and Treats.

In the Brain trainer category the main objective is to use the English skills you have learned to participate in fun games such as quizzes and brainteasers.

The interactive challenge aims to involve you as main character of the games. Interactive challenges, funny photos, video and performances will be your daily bread.

In the Adventure Games category, the games will have a mix of historical and fantasy Maltese background.

In the space and time traveller category the games will allow you to explore Malta and the world from the comfort of your home.

In the Trick and Treats category we will teach you some tricks and treats that you can use to amaze your friends.

You can book the activities through our website.

We have 2 time slots every day from Monday to Friday, one at 1pm and another at 6pm.

The activity lasts for one hour.

The more the better, but we put a limit of 50 students in order to guarantee quality.

You can contact our Junior Programme Manager at he will reschedule your activity.

You can contact our Junior Programme Manager at he will listen to you.


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